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The Bottom Line Is The Better Value

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Whether you are responsible for a single commercial property or a national multi-site portfolio, your parking lots require proper maintenance to ensure your customer’s experiences are always positive.

 Properties that are not consistently striped may be negatively impacting the customer experience. Consider the best line striping strategies for your portfolio, follow these guidelines and start creating value on every paving strategy you incorporate.


If you wanted to know the secret to assure your line striping paint’s long, vibrant life, it’s always recommended to be detailed and deliberate in your preparation.


We Know Paints

Traffic paint is not like your ordinary house paint!

There are exceptional asphalt and concrete paints specifically formulated to adhere to the pavement. They may be water-based or solvent-based. The solvent-based varieties are sometimes referred to as alkyd, although that is not mainly accurate since alkyd is merely one of the ingredients as a binder.

Water-based paints are more environmentally friendly because most solvents are sources of volatile organic compounds that are bad for the environment. It’s best not to use solvent-based paints in warehouses or other indoor facilities because of the fumes. 

Another option is latex. Latex is easily applied and reduces costs, but latex-based paints do not last as long.

To learn more about which paint is best for your pavement projects, reach out to your paving partner to seek their advice.

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Concrete Stability

If you wanted to know the secret to striping your concrete surfaces, we have the answers for you.

Being prepared is vital for both your new and existing concrete. New concrete should be easy enough to stripe because it’s newly poured, clean, and ready for paint. However, this is not always necessarily true.

 New concrete, while fresh and typically free from contaminants, present its own unique set of requirements. Brand new concrete has a very high pH level. Your line striping paint won’t adhere to a surface with a pH level higher than 10, and most concrete cures at a pH level of 13.

Typically, line striping should occur after a 30-day curing period. Although different curing compounds are used to help increase your concrete’s overall stability during the curing process, we note that it’s not a preferred match to your paint.

Many experts will tell you why a brand of sealer is better than the other, but what they fail to emphasize is the application process.

The elements of nature and regular contact with car tires will eventually fade the stripes around your parking lots over time.

If you don’t have your striping touched up, the run-down appearance can negatively impact the rest of your business’ appeal and turn away potential customers. Re-striping every so often maintains a crisp and clean appearance that conveys a sense of professionalism.

Although numerous materials are available for your next line striping project, it’s crucial to partner with a contractor who cares about the application process and stands firmly behind their application approach.



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