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Plan Your Way to be a Smooth Operator

Written By: BlueSky Paving


So, let’s face it, working on your parking lot and sidewalks is a daunting task.

There are very few times that are “good” to perform the work. Closing even part of your lot can create havoc, stress, and dissatisfied clients and visitors. But it is a necessity to get the work done quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.


How do you balance the needs of your facility while maintaining a cost-effective program?

Each property and project are different, having a partner who has “been there, done that” will prove to be highly valuable. Knowing how to assess the property before pricing, understanding the peak and low needs for the property, and having a focus on keeping the traveling public safe are key priorities.

Often times work can be performed during off-hours, though local regulations should be consulted to assure it is permissible and that no special permits are required.

Working on days that are lower traffic days can prove to be helpful as well. Knowing that in most locations Tuesdays are slower than Thursdays can allow your contractor to plan and work with your local managers to create a plan to allow for continued operations while still achieving the required work.


Pro tips for creating the least amount of impact

  • Know your goals before getting bids
  • Understand local regulations for working overnight or during off days such as a Sunday
  • Know what days and times are typically lower traffic days
  • Work closely with your contractor from the very beginning to set your scheduling goals
  • Alert your staff and clients at least one week prior to work beginning. Post signs, even a digital Variable Message Board. Knowledge is key!
  • Be flexible, mother nature may not agree with your best-laid plans, so always make sure your contractor has a contingency plan and it is clearly communicated to all parties.