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Site Triangle & Why It’s Important

Written By: BlueSky Paving


Those of us who drive a vehicle have inevitably been victim of the frustration caused by an intersection you just cannot see anything from.

You look left, you look right, and all you see are bushes, trees, giant political ads!  Eventually you get over the fear and creep your nose out into the road, only to be met with a loud honk and a friendly gesture by a passing motorist.  You my friend have been the victim of a “lack of site triangle”.

Without going into the deep level engineering theory behind why site triangles are important and a regulated requirement in many parts of the country, we will enlighten you with the basic value of having your parking entrances and exits at least meet the basics.

The obvious need for a Site Triangle is safety; safety for the vehicles entering the road, safety for pedestrians and safety for cars passing your property.  If that is not enough, we can always throw in the Liability aspect you could face if you do not maintain an appropriate Site Triangle!

Your property was designed and approved with the appropriate site triangle to meet the regulations for your area. Often property owners will plant new trees and bushes without realizing they are impeding upon this area, sometimes it is too late when it is discovered.  If your property is over 5 years old, has had new landscape installations or other non-permitted improvements made near your entrances and exits, it may be beneficial to have a Professional Survey performed.