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Preserving Your Future

Written By: BlueSky Paving


Let’s face it, the most obvious benefit of Pavement Preservation is extending the life of the pavement. Thereby saving significant capital expenditure over the life of your parking lot.

But some not so obvious points of a well-executed Pavement Preservation program are:

Lower Costs Over Time

Studies show every additional dollar spent on preventive maintenance treatments saves between $8 and $10 in future rehabilitation costs.

More Predictable Costs

With scheduled yearly programs your budget becomes much more predictable. Long term programs yield valuable data that can be exercised into more robust programs in the future. Your CFO will appreciate the budget process in years to come.

Fewer surprise pavement failures – Many pavement failures are caused by pavement damage that goes untreated.

Better Condition Pavements

Scheduled monitoring and pavement preservation treatments keep pavements in better overall condition than random or insufficient maintenance• Reduced user delays and user costs – The more extensive damage a pavement has, the longer drivers will be delayed due to construction. Pavements that are in good condition are also easier on a vehicle’s daily wear and tear.

Well-Organized Utilization of Resources

A regularly scheduled preservation program allows better and less expensive allocation of resources. When contractors know they have planned work, their cost structure becomes predictable. Your planning for repairs becomes anticipated.

Happier Clients and Employees

Your employees will notice your care in the property, your clients and visitors will be met with a well maintained, clean, and fresh parking lot.  First impressions are the best impressions.

 If you are fixing your asphalt instead of maintaining and preserving it may be too late to save it!