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Plan Better To Build Better

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Plan Better To Build Better

Struggling to find a structured approach that can be molded and modified to your individual properties? The basic premise of a Pavement Maintenance Plan (PMP) is to identify and create a structured annual or semi-annual inspection while maintaining the execution of your pavement projects.

Implement PMPs to simplify your projects from start to finish

Plans are implemented to preserve the reliability of any project. To preserve your paving assets, you need to consider and identify your end-goals, while simplifying your investments: time and money. If your investment is a warehouse with 200 trucks coming and going every day, this will require a much more intense program than a smaller business that experiences less traffic. Pavement Maintenance Programs (PMPs) are focused on providing you with a track-record to be consistent with on-target project goals to help you obtain the greatest Return on Investment (ROI).

The key to any PMP is to take a specialized approach to precisely identify and repair small issues before they become big problems.

Take a closer look at what lies beneath before the start of your project

The life expectancy of a well-designed, well-built, and well-maintained asphalt parking lot ranges between 15 to 30 years. The key to your PMP is to take a specialized approach to identify and repair small issues before they become big problems. In addition, each property will require varying degrees of inspections focused on the severity of use within the geographic location. For example, parking lots, walkways, and driveways are often one of the very first things your clients and employees will notice. If your visual experience doesn’t convey the feeling of safety, then that’s a huge issue. Especially regarding liability claims.

The best and most effective PMP starts the day after the completion of your new paving project.

The financial importance of maintaining your investment

A well-executed PMP should focus on consistent and predictable lower cost maintenance. Chasing emergencies is significantly more costly than avoiding them. Implementing a proper PMP can save you an estimated Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) net difference of $85,000 to more than $325,000 over a 30-year life span depending on the size of each property. Most asphalt surface conditions drop to about 40% in the first 75% of its life cycle. Simply meaning, if you maintain your new paving projects in small inexpensive increments, you can extend its life significantly and cost-effectively.

A PMP is quite simple, know the scope of the project, assess the budget, and, most importantly, get on the path of practicing consistency. The impact of initializing a PMP is significant.

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