Payment Terms

At BlueSky Paving, we offer two types of payment options for our vendor partners.


Early Pay

This is our default payment term. Invoices will be paid 9 days after approval and will be subject to a 4.25% discount.


Standard Pay

You can opt out of our Early Pay program for Standard Pay. Invoices will be paid 45 days after approval with no discount taken.

You can switch your terms at any time by emailing us at

Important Information

  • Payment terms begin once your invoice is approved. They do not start from date of service or the day you submit your invoice
  • Our payment terms are based on calendar days.
  • Once you receive an approval, you can estimate payment either 9 or 45 days later.
  • If your due date is the weekend or a holiday, your check will be issued the next business day.
  • Do not discount your invoice for the 4.25%. This will be taken out when your check is released.
  • If you change your payment terms, it will only apply to future invoices. Any invoice already approved will be paid based on your payment terms at approval.