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Keys to Seal Coating – Your Future Success

Written By: BlueSky Paving


Number of Coats

BlueSky recommends two coats normally as a best practice. If a long term PMP is in place, low traffic areas may be adequate with one coat.  All high traffic areas should have a minimum of two coats every 2-3 years.

Coverage Rates

First coat – 40 square feet per gallon HIGHLY recommended the first coat be squeegee or broom applied.

Second coat – 60 square feet per gallon should be spray applied.

Total of 2 coats – average coverage around 50 square feet per gallon (or 5 square yards). Drying time at 70 F. and 50% relative humidity: 30 minutes to I hour.

Your patience between coats shall be rewarded

The first coat must not only dry, but also cure sufficiently to prevent pickup before the second coat is applied. Shady or sheltered areas may require a longer drying time. All manufacturers recommend 24 hours between coats or before opening to traffic. Lack of proper curing time is one of the largest factors in seal coat failures.

Application for success

Mix until the sealer is of uniform consistency. Mechanical mixing is recommended and will lessen time in obtaining uniform consistency. Do not apply when temperature is expected to drop below 50 degrees F., or if rain threatens before the sealer is cured. Application is recommended early in the day or when at least 2 hours of sunlight remain upon completion of the job.

Two thin coats are better than one thick coat!

Thick coats will not cure readily and could result in pickup and tracking. After the first coat is cured, apply second coat so that all pores are sealed. To determine whether the first coat is cured sufficiently, use the thumb test. At various locations and while exerting approximately 10 pounds of pressure, twist thumbprint 90 degrees. Lack of pickup on thumb indicates sufficient curing of the first coat and indicates you should be able to continue with your second coat.

Sand is grand

To provide traction and a uniform finish, BlueSky recommends 5 – 6 pounds of clean dry silica sand with each gallon of sealer.