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Evaluating Your Pavement

Written By: BlueSky Paving


Believe it or not, there is a formula to evaluate your pavement. While the primary driver for the development of the PASER Scale, by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was our nations roadways, the format has proven highly valuable for commercial properties.

BlueSky has found that by following the simple format and scoring program, our national clients can quickly evaluate their budgetary and resource needs quickly and consistently.

What is the PASER Scale?

The Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating is a scoring system with a simple scale of a 1-10 rating as outlined in the chart below.

When done correctly, by qualified and well-trained individuals, the PASER scale can provide property managers and owners with solid, empirical data.

QualityRatingTreatment AsphaltTreatment Plain Concrete
Excellent9-10No maintenance requiredNo maintenance required
Good7-8Crack sealing and minor patchingRoutine maintenance
Fair5-6Preservation treatments (non-structural)Surface repairs, partial-depth patching
Poor3-4Structural renewal (overlay)Extensive slab or joint rehabilitation

The Value of Information

Regardless of your intentions to evaluate a new property as part of a due diligence program or obtaining detailed knowledge of the condition of your own assets, knowing what properties need immediate attention and which can be postponed can have huge impacts on the budgeting process. Having the data to plan against is invaluable. Possessing consistent metrics about your largest areas of risk be it from a potential liability view point, focused on trip and fall hazards, or a maintenance budget perspective, will prove invaluable time and time again. BlueSky encourages all our clients to insist their contractors utilize a trusted and powerful, yet simple to perform and read, format such as the PASER.