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Case Study: How Routine Repairs Mitigate Your Paving Capital Project Expenditures

Written By: bluesky

The best way to invest in your portfolio is by proactively maintaining your pavement.

Maintenance or the prevention of your paving failures requires minimal effort as long as you remain committed to your paving program’s process.

 This report discusses the visual inspection of various pavement distress types and evaluates the techniques used to determine the client’s best possible routine maintenance program.



A client recently came to us seeking assistance for their aging pavement across their multi-site portfolio. Evidence of pavement damage began to show due to the rapidly increasing heavy traffic at their business locations.

The increased traffic accelerated pavement deterioration and heightened the client’s initiative to find an improved maintenance program than currently in place to reduce their overall spend while still delivering on their goals to reduce their capital expenditures.


We set in motion to first investigate and scope out the client’s portfolio of just over 600 locations by sending out our field labor force to identify weakened areas and provide strategies and other considerations over two months.

Our evaluation techniques utilized a “boots on the ground” approach, where our highly trained force was able to harness our detailed yet adaptable inspection program. Our experts validated the extent of pavement distress, damage, and potential future degradation.

Our field-testing objectives were to identify and photographically catalog the characteristics of poorly performing areas, determine the repair rates, evaluate methods for classifying pavement conditions, and identify possible improvements to existing repair methods.


After reporting and finalizing our inspections, we noted several combination distress types and best practice mitigation efforts through our cloud-based data-centric system.

After the repairs brought the pavement into a more acceptable condition, we implemented a routine maintenance plan, which provided:

  • Inspection services monitoring pavements for early identification and repair of failure areas.

  • Annualized crack/joint sealing.

  • Minor incremental repairs of potential failures identified.

  • Pavement Sealing programs for long term preservation – all pavement markings refreshed with sealing programs.

  • Long term budgeting services for better capital planning.

The client increased their assets’ lifespan by 65% or by the addition of 10-years (before replacement is needed) and saved 38% on capital expenditures while maintaining their business operations at 100%.


Business Operations

Operating at 100%

Total Savings

38% savings on expenditures

Lifespan of Portfolio

Increased by 65%

By aligning with a national paving partner, your routine repairs can be efficient and streamlined with the right metrics to avoid costly future expenditures.

Thus, your portfolio will see drastic and improved changes to your paving assets, which will help to define your Brand for many years to come.

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