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Case Study: Capital Project Analysis: In-Depth Repair and Overlay

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When considering an investment in capital expenditure for your asphalt and paving assets, it is essential to understand what landed you there in the first place. Were you following a PMP (Pavement Maintenance Plan) for your portfolio?

Deterioration of your paving can start to show as early as 5-years after completing your first paving project. However, if a paving program failed to incorporate a proper PMP from the start, future repair work may triple in overall time and costs based on the type of repair needed and the pavement size.

Case in point, a client, sought assistance when noticing severe worn asphalt conditions in their 15-year-old parking lot. Throughout the years, the client ignored the small insignificant issues in their paving, and because they lacked a maintenance plan, held off on doing any repair work for fear of the cost.

Unfortunately, the client waited too long and needed immediate assistance. They sought an immediate long-term solution for their paving and asphalt issues on their 40,000-square-foot lot that likely required a complete replacement.



We approached the assessment phase with astounding attention to detail. We understood the client’s dilemma and ensured the client had a well-organized long-term PMP to create discipline around their current and future paving and maintenance budgets.

After the asset’s scope and diagnosis, our experts decided to use an Asphalt Mill and Overlay solution to get the job done. Additional repairs included asphalt removal base repairs, subgrade corrections, and base crack sealing before the overlay.

Additionally, we removed and replaced several sections of damaged concrete curbing.


Before one piece of equipment touched the project site, a detailed plan was put in place and communicated directly to the client and the affected parties. We used clean, easy to read color-coded maps of the property for quick, easy reference for next steps and when it would happen.

We used direct traffic controls and easy to read signage to alert the traveling public of the work zone each day.

We then removed the asphalt’s surface layer by utilizing a cold plane milling match technique, which grinds and removes precise amounts of material. After the site was swept clean, the BlueSky team assessed the underlying base asphalt layer and determined which areas needed further full-depth repair.

We photographed all locations and precisely marked work points on a map for later confirmation. After the milling process, all present cracks were sealed with rubberized crack sealant to help assure a solid foundation for the new surface course.

Our secondary crew began removing and replacing the damaged curb to complete the new overlay in time. After completing all remediation work and repairs, we performed a final inspection of the base course and photographed the repairs for documentation.

Our crews then placed the new surface course during “off hours” to allow for faster work to allow the least impact on our clients’ operations. In this case, the employees went home on a Friday evening and returned to work on Monday to a new parking lot with clean, crisp pavement markings.


With a completion deadline only 30 days away, we were able to keep the client’s facility open and fully functioning for business during the repair process. Also, the benefits of using an asphalt mill and overlay option before the parking lot subbase became compromised provided a more cost-effective solution for long term savings and was a more efficient choice for this particular project.

By going with early intervention, the asphalt overlay eliminated the need for a full-depth removal and replacement option in the future and saved the client more than 20%.

To date, the parking lot is in excellent condition, and there are no concerns anticipated for the near future. Moving forward, the client has implemented a complete PMP program for their entire portfolio of more than 1,000 locations and anticipates reduced maintenance costs while extending the life of all of their paving assets.


Completion Timeline

Full completion of project with a deadline only 30 days away

Total Savings

Asphalt overlay saved the client more than 20%

Facility Closures

0 facility closures during the repair process
Strongly consider implementing a PMP for your entire portfolio as this method reduces costs and capital expenditures. PMPs also eliminate many potential risk factors daily as they identify smaller issues before becoming more extensive problems.

Furthermore, seeking the right paving partners for your capital projects guarantees proper scoping and application. To learn more about this process, contact your expert paving partner today.

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