About Us

BlueSky Paving is the merging of nearly 30 years of history in the asphalt and concrete business. It represents not just a single company’s path, but the experiences of hundreds of people and thousands of vendor partners who now call BlueSky Paving family.

Our History

The timeline below represents the merger of each employee’s history, each landmark representing somebody’s path to BlueSky Paving.  It culminates in the joining of each of those brands into what is now the industry’s most strategically positioned asphalt and concrete company.  BlueSky Paving. 


How Big is Your Driveway?

Like many companies, we were formed by a single request from a client to do more. A single driveway paved and BlueSky Paving was born, not in name, but certainly in spirit. Over the next 8 years, many of us would also pave their first driveway, pour their first sidewalk and even get the chance to work on their first commercial lot. The foundation of what an asphalt and concrete company should be was born.


Commercial Work

As our careers expand, so do the opportunities. Some of us move to larger, regional companies where excavation and large-scale asphalt jobs are completed. The beginnings of traditional asset management is introduced and a few of us go out on our own to challenge our capabilities to start and grow a business.



The team begins to rejoin, where our first road is paved and our first project with over 2,000 tons of base asphalt in a single day is completed. There is no looking back now.



We now begin our shift to national work, working with our local clients who have assets across the country. We onboard our first vendor partner that will eventually grow to a network of more than 2,000 by the time we join Ferrandino & Son 13 years later. What will become BlueSky Paving is now becoming real.


Acquisitions of Intellectual Capital…What will become the BlueSky Model

We purchase our first company, which adds additional industry talent and a network of vendor partners. Our coverage is expanding and the talent and relationships are critical to our growth.


Maintenance First

When the construction market slows down, maintenance becomes a staple and additional acquisitions of talent occur. A complete service division is revamped to align with our growing commercial client base and what will become Ferrandino & Son’s in-house asphalt and concrete maintenance division takes shape.


The Transformation is Complete

For all of us, this was the moment we were looking for. A chance to join a recognized national brand where we could take our experiences and our capabilities to a much larger stage. By joining Ferrandino & Son and becoming BlueSky Paving, we now have the chance to work with some of the most prestigious, most recognized names in the country. Built for multi-site Facility Managers, BlueSky Paving will now get the chance to engage clients not just as an asphalt and concrete company, but as an in-house solution for one of the industry’s leading service companies. BlueSky Paving is ready to grow!