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5 Cost-Effective Maintenance Tips to Extend The Life of Your Parking Lots

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Large capital expenditures can impact your portfolio’s maintenance budget in negative ways. The goal is always to drive down costs while extending the life of your assets.

When learning how to be more efficient in spending your maintenance dollars, you initiate a cost-saving process that can be easily scaled. It’s through a committed process where your small efforts drive significant savings.

Below are five routine repair strategies to reduce your expenses while extending your parking lots’ overall life.

The Paving and Asphalt industry has somehow still maintained a relatively steady track record. Industry analysts believe that capital projects anticipate rising significantly over the next few years, with a significant increase by 2024.

So, what does this mean for your current portfolio? Below are just a few tactical considerations for your next capital projects.

1. Maintenance Programs

To extend your parking lots’ life, you have to develop the right maintenance program early in the asset’s life. Your maintenance program will help define your spending strategies and create a better process for future capital spending.

However, to develop the right program for your portfolio, identifying the right strategic partner will allow you to maximize your efforts in this category.

2. Long-term Vision 

Pavement projects are substantial investments that not only can improve your Brand image but also help drive up the overall value of your entire property.

Thus, implementing the right strategy will drive better visibility into your long-term spending and improve your department’s budget strategy.

 For long term stability, two things your program must include are routine assessments of your pavement and ongoing preventative maintenance of those same assets.

When implemented together, they help reduce short-term spending while lowering your overall capital expenditures and creates the long-term vision you are looking forward to when managing these critical assets.

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3. Don’t Crack Under Pressure 

If you routinely address cracks in your pavement before they expand or before foreign materials fill them in, it will lessen the number of dollars you’ll spend later on to repair your entire pavement.

Cracks can usually be cleaned and dried with compressed air and sealed with high quality, hot-applied, rubberized, or a polymer-modified sealant.

If you do one thing for your pavement, sealing your cracks should be it. Cracks will form into a pothole normally within three years, and one single pothole can cost as much to repair as several years’ worth of crack sealing.

4. It’s the Small Things That Count

Beyond crack sealing, the consistent application of a high-performance seal coat is paramount to the long-term viability of your asphalt. By consistently combining with crack sealing, one can expect ten or more years of useful performance out of their parking lot.

Quickly identifying and repairing small issues can recognize large returns as well. By allowing potholes to form, you’re allowing emergencies and exponentially higher repair costs.

Taking the time to create an inventory on what’s physically showing up on the surface of your pavement and having the right partner to routinely apply quick solutions will help lessen the load on your paving expenditures.

5. The Scope of the Matter Is…

Before you even notice what repairs are needed, the most important part of managing your pavement routine repairs is by first connecting with a national partner to scope out your property.

Teaming up with a paving partner not only provides an added benefit of a reliable program that helps to manage all your routine repairs but allows highly-vetted professionals to scope out the repairs first.

Your paving partner will understand what to look out for, and their keen eye for detail will visually inspect all the apparent issues thoroughly, and they’ll also recommend solutions for potentially larger projects that another company might not identify. 

Making minor repairs today will reduce more extensive maintenance tomorrow.

To simplify things further, connect with your preferred paving partner today to start improving your paving assets so your portfolio can enjoy the benefits of an improved Brand image while reducing your overall spend simultaneously.

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